About Us


Cordeck is a full-service manufacturer of corrugated steel deck, In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems, flashing, trim and other building construction accessories.

Cordeck’s “Can do…“WHATEVER IT TAKES,” philosophy continually allows us to lead the corrugated deck and in floor raceway systems in service, while establishing international name recognition. Our dedication to our clients and our community will remain strong by building long-term relationships along with finding solutions. Success has been galvanized by our employee’s unwavering total dedication to unparalleled customer satisfaction.

“At Cordeck we care about your needs and we will go out of our way to make sure you receive the service you deserve.  My family has served in the construction industry for over 35 years and we will proudly uphold this family tradition."

-Kenneth A. Moore, President

Cordeck provides:

  • Prompt, reliable deliveries, producing and shipping orders in as fast as 24 hours throughout the United States, North America and beyond.
  • On-spec. guaranteed quality.  Our production personnel are true craftsmen, not just interested in getting the job done but doing it perfect.
  • Vast inventory of finishes, gauges and profiles to fulfill customer specifications, quantities and timeframes.
  • Expert, in-house engineering and detailing services assure optimal planning, value engineering design and accurate production.
  • We have the available resources to handle any project scope and size.  Cordeck is proud to minimize environmental impact by providing the most sustainable design.
  • Assigned project management provides on time scheduling and accurate installation support.

Whatever it takes, whenever you need it.