How soon can I get a price quote?

With in an hour of your request, Monday – Friday, 7 am to 5 pm.  If your quote requires specific research or assistance we will keep you updated on the status of your quote. All quote requests via our website are processed upon arrival. Please feel free to request a quote from our website,, by the internet or e-mail,, by fax 262.857.3533 or by phone .877.857-6400.

Lead Times

What is the lead-time on your products?

Orders are delivered right away.  We get you your order when you need it, so construction can continue, saving you time and money. Our philosophy is whatever it takes. 

Deck Products

What lengths of deck do you carry?

We produce and cut material to each customer’s specific needs.  You do not need to order a “stock length”.

What colors of painted deck do you carry?

"B" standard colors, prime gray, prime white. We can also custom paint “B” deck to your specifications. "A" & "F" decks available in a standard prime gray.

What is G90 Galvanized?

G90 Galvanized has 50% more corrosion protection than G60.

What is Plastisol coating?

It begins with a Hot Dipped galv steel (G60 or Better) with a designated baked on primer on both sides with a specifically formulated Polyvinyl Chloride baked on coating on either 1 side (4x1) or both sides (4x4).

What finishes are available?

Deck Finishes – Primed Hot Dipped galv (G60/G90) and stainless steel (there may be other opportunities to use Galvaneal, Galvalume or uncoated material as well).

Flashing and Accessory Finishes – We use Galvaneal, but additional finishes are available in Galvanized, Galvalume, primed and stainless steel.

Sheet Metal Accessories

Do you carry sheet metal accessories?

Yes, our full line of sheet metal accessories include tek screws, rubber closures, sump pans and much more.

What kind of sheet metal accessories do you make?

We make everything from stock pieces to custom pieces to your specifications.


When can you deliver and where?

All orders, with the exception of some specials, will be produced and shipped either the same day or the next.  We ship to your requested location whether it is your shop, jobsite or wherever you need it.

Payment Options

How can I pay for a first time order?

We are happy to forward a credit application to your company.  Our payment options are MasterCard, Visa, Company Check or Cashiers Check for either C.O.D. or Net 30 day orders.