Cordeck to Launch Updated AIA/CEU Program

Cordeck has partnered with Hanley Wood to deliver an updated AIA/CEU Program featuring an In Floor Cellular Raceway System for Wire Management and titled “Creating Integrated Designs.” The opportunity to leverage the Hanley Wood CEUniversity as a digital delivery channel ensures that this revised content will now reach a broader audience than in past years. And the partnership between Hanley Wood and The American Institute of Architects, announced in January of this year, further reinforces that this is the right partnership for Cordeck.

“We recognize the importance of providing valuable resources to the architectural community,” said Cordeck President, Kenneth A. Moore. “And have chosen to partner with Hanley Wood to deliver this all-inclusive wire management system information in the most efficient and user-friendly manner possible.”

The material developed for this program includes an animation video that provides both a visual and verbal detailed description of the In Floor system. Often perceived to be complex, once an architect gains an understanding of the flexibility and security provided in an In Floor Cellular Raceway system they develop an appreciation for the elegant simplicity it brings. Often architects will comment on the ease of integration both structurally and electrically, into the building infrastructure.

Already incorporated into the construction of a steel frame building, the non-cellular metal deck acts as a foundation for the In Floor cellular raceway. With the addition of three components, occupants will realize the flexibility and other benefits of this comprehensive wire management solution. The three basic added components are the trench header (feed), the metal flat plate (cell) and access points (inserts). The addition of these components provides a structural load carrying element and a highly secure wire management solution. And in today’s climate of frequent data breaches, the In Floor solution provides the ultimate level of security in terms of protection against tampering and other physical threats. With controlled access through point of use activations, furniture feeds and closet risers to power panels; power and data modifications to an In Floor system take a fraction of the time and expense when compared to alternative solutions.

This solution has been successfully used in a vast number of projects. Among the most notable, it was an integral element in the vertical expansion of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield offices in the Chicago Loop. The expansion was completed in 2010 and is the first project in Chicago to expand by placing additional floors on top of an existing structure. Very recently, the Hub Group, a logistics and transportation management service provider built a new corporate headquarters utilizing the In Floor Cellular Raceway system. With an open office concept spanning more than 32,000 square feet per floor, the design of this four-story building allowed for the metal floor deck to serve as the finished ceiling for the underlying floors. The painted metal deck ceiling on each level complimented the exposed steel column and beam design.

Cordeck is pleased to re-introduce the In Floor Cellular Raceway System educational content in connection with AIA and Hanley Wood’s CEUniversity. With a continued focus on delivering value and exceeding customer expectations, Cordeck works to anticipate the needs of the marketplace and is constantly seeking ways to expand upon its longstanding and solid foundation of industry leadership.

For more information, stop by Booth #4458.

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