Quality performance is essential, which is why Cordeck builds solutions with the philosophy of doing whatever it takes to help businesses reach their goals. However, that is only one aspect of the equation since price should always factor into the analysis as well. Simply put, it wouldn’t make sense to spend $1 million on a new Lamborghini if you could find an equally powerful Ferrari for $250,000 less. In short, performance matters, but so does cost saving. This principle applies to new commercial construction as well.

For a budget-conscious buyer, it is important to consider performance, but it is even more important to get good performance at a great value. With Cordeck’s In Floor Wire Management solutions, there is no need to compromise since Cordeck prides itself on providing great performance at an even greater value.

Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems Are Flexible and Efficient

By choosing Cordeck, businesses will receive world-class expertise during every stage of the design and build process. CAD drawings and BIM modeling ensure that communication and collaboration are an integral aspect of strategizing before the final plans are executed, and this leads to effective system designs.

Successful business operations also need to expand, which is why Cordeck provides efficient expansion possibilities to meet these needs. Cordeck’s In Floor solutions for wire management offer extensive access points through a grid-like format, meeting the needs for the design plans of today and the years to come. Since Cordeck designs with the future in full view, power and data expansion is less expensive and more efficient compared to alternative expansion methods.

With Cordeck, the In Floor Cellular Raceway System will also be protected by its own version of Superman. If Superman is the “man of steel”, Cordeck encases its systems within the “deck of steel”. The structural steel framework completely protects and encases the system, providing essential protections against unauthorized access as well as electromagnetic interference.

The possibility for flexible expansion while reinforcing and protecting the present are just two of the ways Cordeck demonstrates its “whatever it takes” vision. In the present, businesses are thoroughly protected, and for tomorrow, expansion is only a few simple steps away.

Cordeck’s Raceway Systems Are Economical

Compared to other wire-management systems, Cordeck provides a low life cycle cost that saves building owners or tenants thousands of dollars over the long haul. Traditional wire management typically involves using plenum-rated cables. Cordeck, on the other hand, installs cables within the cells of the metal deck, forgoing the added costs of plenum rated cables. On a small scale, this may seem insignificant, but for large jobs, the cost per square foot savings become extremely important for the bottom line of a business.

The cost of Cordeck’s In Floor wire management is comparable to a poke-thru solution and provides the significant benefit of a completely flexible system for the life of the building. Since adds and changes are an integral part of maintenance, it is essential to understand that ongoing occupancy costs are going to be extremely high with a poke-thru solution. Multiple trades are involved in a poke-thru add or change, whereas Cordeck’s solution allows the vast majority (if not all) of the work to be performed by the facility maintenance team. After occupancy, Cordeck saves owners or tenants thousands of dollars compared to a poke-thru design.

Of the three wire management alternatives, the Cordeck In Floor Solution is the least costly and provides the greatest return on investment. By combining flexible and efficient performance with long-term cost savings, Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are the perfect solution for discerning buyers on a budget.

For more information about the Cordeck In Floor Cellular Wire Management Solution please visit our In Floor Cellular Raceway solutions page. To request a copy of the Cost Comparison data, please call 877-857-6400.

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