Businesses that develop a solid plan before acting can double their chances of success. Similarly, planning in the early stages of a build project, although intuitively necessary, when done right can reap substantial rewards. When the design team considers a cellular raceway system for wire management during the initial planning stage it improves the likelihood of success and provides many meaningful benefits. By considering a cellular raceway system early, Design/Build Firms can realize the best return for their money. Quality solutions are those that will save them money, and deliver long-term value for their clients. Our raceway systems are designed to do just that for designers and their clients who plan ahead.

Organization Drives Increased Benefit

With composite deck as an integral element of a Cellular In Floor Power and Data Wire Management solution the design team must involve both structural and electrical engineers early in the process to maximize the benefits of early planning and coordination. In doing so, the cellular wire management system design is easily integrated with structural design; and technical expertise can be applied, allowing the team to optimize this element of the design/build process. This advance planning and coordination will assist in guiding the activity of the Architect, Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Fabricator, Erector and Electrical Contractor and result in saving both time and money throughout the project and beyond.

Needs Change, So Plan Ahead

Another reason to consider an In Floor Cellular Raceway System during the planning stage is based on the fact that client needs will vary throughout the life of the building. It is virtually impossible to anticipate the data and power access needs for a building’s occupants twenty, thirty or more years down the road. With an In Floor cellular solution you have the ability to establish future access points today. Through placement of preset outlet boxes as close as 2 foot on center throughout each floor, you can be assured that access is at the ready by using simple hand tools; no core drilling or exposed plenum cabling involved.

To this end, the core and shell planning stage can be used to determine the correct raceway system design for the present while also preparing for the future.

Customers Need a Solid Resource From Design Through Installation

The hallmark of quality planning for a raceway system involves effectively determining what the initial power and data needs will be. During the planning and initial design stages, customers can rely on us to guide or even provide engineering design assistance, to insure they design a raceway system that meets their budgeted needs in addition to delivering value for their client.

Once the ideal design has been determined we kick into high gear, working closely with the General Contractor and Subcontractors to insure the project continues to run smoothly. Everything from providing sequencing and timely material deliveries to bundle placement drawings and on-site instruction for your installation team is provided to save you labor hours, valuable time and money. The job isn’t finished until you and your client are satisfied.

You Get a Solution for the Life of the Building, Your Team Gets Unparalleled Support

When working with Cordeck, you will receive a dynamic system solution that harnesses building strength, efficiency and flexibility to meet existing and future needs; and your team will realize expert design and engineering support, on-spec and guaranteed quality, and knowledgeable, courteous and caring support from the entire Cordeck team.

The Cordeck In Floor Cellular Wire Management Solution:
  •         Encloses wires and cables, minimizing exposure to toxic fumes in the event of a fire
  •         Is UL approved and reviewed for safety
  •         Contains cable and wire, eliminating visible power poles and mechanical elements
  •         Is ideally suited to open space floor design
  •         Guards against electromagnetic interference and is tamper resistant
  •         Eliminates the need for added building height
  •         Is accessible at the finished floor level
  •         Contributes to achieving the highest possible LEED credits for your project
  •         Provides preset activations throughout the span of the floor for future access

Click here to learn more about our cost-effective, secure and sustainable, cellular raceway systems.


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