Cordeck expanding and building success on a human factor philosophy

By JAMES LAWSON Apr 26, 2019

While some companies measure their success on financial performance, marketing expansion and their ability to boost their productivity, one local company prefers to measure its success on how it can grow its corporate culture through the development of people.

Cordeck Building Solutions, 12620 Wilmot Road, a family-owned business that produces industrial and commercial corrugated steel roofing and floor decking, is celebrating its 25-year anniversary through another expansion and the innovation of an improved product, a cabling distribution flooring raceway system that allows builders to run electrical, cable and computer lines through the floor seamlessly without obstructions.

Some of the company’s products and accessories have been installed in industrial and commercial sites across the country. Many are in casinos such as Four Winds, Harrah’s, Horseshoe and Hollywood. They also are found in banks and other facilities such as the Acuity Insurance Co. headquarters in Sheboygen, Blue Cross-Blue Shield headquarters in Chicago and Wrigley Field in Chicago.

The company recently opened a new facility in Texas and now has locations in Houston, Dallas and Austin as well as Memphis, Cincinnati and the metro New York City area. Though founder and CEO Kenneth Moore, a former ironworker, is proud of his company’s growth, he might be most proud of the company’s customer service mission of “Whatever it takes. Whenever you need it” and how he has helped to grow the people who work for him and have bought in to the mission. That mission has helped the company to become an industry leader with the reputation of on-time delivery. In 2016, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance presented Cordeck with a Fast Five Ovation award. Moore said his experience in the construction industry reinforced the importance of delivering products on time. “When they need it, they need it right away,” he said. “One of our customers we’ve had for 25 years said, ‘You’ve never missed a delivery’.”

Focus on employees

Moreover, Moore is a fond believer of the FISH! training system philosophy. The four practices of FISH! are: Be There, Play, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude. In translation, that means be emotionally supportive, enjoy, appreciate what you do, be creative and have fun doing it.

Making someone’s day is to find simple ways to serve and delight people in a meaningful way. And lastly, controlling your attitude means adjusting to what life throws at you and how you respond to others. FISH! has made the company a good place to work, said Jennifer Dooley, a former marketing director who now has her own marketing company.

She said she fondly remembers how before Thanksgiving, Moore would collect his employees, start their cars to warm them up and leave a turkey on their hoods. The idea he instilled, Dooley said, was: “People might not remember the money you paid them, but they don’t forget the memories you made with them.” Cordeck associates are encouraged to pursue their life goals and dreams, even it it means they leave the company for other endeavors.

In a community service project, Cordeck was the sponsor of Saturday’s Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation benefit for Type I Juvenile diabetes.

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