Cordeck SDI Certificate
Cordeck SDI Certificate

The Steel Deck Institute (SDI) and Cordeck 

Cordeck is a proud member of the SDI, and our steel deck materials are manufactured in accordance within the guidelines of the SDI.

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  • 15 Rib Roof Deck 768x318
  • Cordeck Roof Deck

Cordeck Roof Deck Profiles

Cordeck Roof Deck Roofs, Mezzanines, Canopies and Shelving. Produced to length specifications. Short lead times. Prompt Delivery. Variety of Finishes

  • N R G Flor+ Rendering 4 27 20
  • Acuity Gym Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway System
  • Deming High School Library
  • Csmjuvenilecordeck Innovative Floor Solutions (1)
  • Century Link Lobby Cordeck Building Solutions

Perfecting In Floor Wire Management

At Cordeck, we're perfecting In Floor Wire Management by merging power & data cables with the buildings structural floor. Moreover providing peace of mind with strong data protection.  Activations are  located just below the finished [...]