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Perfecting In Floor Wire Management by merging power and data cables with the buildings structural floor; providing peace of mind data protection.  With additional activations  located just below the finished floor, moves and changes are made with little to no down time.

Our In Floor Cellular Raceway System provides an innovative and flexible wire management solution for any project.  Ideal applications includes casinos, government, educational buildings, recreation centers, libraries, and offices.

  • Cordeck For A Cause 2018

Cordeck For A Cause – Bridges Community Center, Kenosha, WI

Bridges Community Center offers help for people with mental illness, substance abuse disorders Read more about how our Cordeck for a Cause team assisted creating a more welcoming patio area at the Bridges Community [...]

  • Cellular Composite Floor Deck

Cordeck Steel Deck Products | Cellular Composite Floor Deck

CELLULAR COMPOSITE FLOOR DECK Cordeck Cellular Composite Floor Deck is traditional Composite Floor Deck with flat sheet steel welded to the underside. With the addition of the flat bottom plate, increased spanning and loading capabilities [...]