Bystronic Fiber Laser Services

Laser Cutting Services


Cordeck Headquarters – Kenosha, WI

This state-of-the-art laser is the most efficient in laser cutting. The laser beam is created by an active fiber and transmitted over a transport fiber to the machines cutting head. Fiber lasers are signifi­cantly smaller than CO₂ lasers & generate several times the power from the same amount of current. A fiber cutting system is primarily suited for processing thin to thick sheet metal from steel, stainless steel, aluminum & also other non-ferrous metals (copper and brass).

This means we can:

  • Provide intricate enhancements when processing our quality steel deck products in house
  • Cut & cleanly remove parts without a secondary tooling process to remove burrs
  • Assist you with overflow on your lines or run parts on a regular basis
  • Production for short run, prototype and long runs

Computer Aided Drafting Department  

Our CAD engineers are ready to work with you to bring your custom parts to life with ease and precision with our state-of-the-art machine.

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