Established in 1994 in Kenosha, WI, Cordeck is a family-owned, full-service manufacturer of corrugated steel deck. Prior to Cordeck's existence, the Moore family served in the construction industry for over 35 years, earning extensive experience and knowledge that is proudly passed on to Cordeck's current and future customers.


Cordeck consists of two distinct business units, Cordeck Metal Deck Solutions and Cordeck Innovative Floor Solutions®Cordeck deck products and In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are manufactured at Cordeck’s 100,000 square foot plant located on 20-acres in Kenosha, WI, midway between Milwaukee and Chicago.

To provide even faster, more convenient metal deck product delivery to its clients, Cordeck also operates metal deck manufacturing and distribution centers in the following locations.

• Dallas/Fort Worth
• Metro New York
• Cincinnati
• Houston
• Memphis

Additional strategic locations are planned

Cordeck Innovative Floor Solutions® was built upon the company’s 2003 acquisition of N-R-G FLOR® and Walkerdeck®* In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems from Walker Systems, Inc. and subsequent acquisition of HH Robertson In Floor Cellular Raceway System from CENTRIA in 2015.

Cordeck remains committed to serving the aftermarket needs for owners and managers of these systems, and to advance In Floor Cellular Raceway technology to meet the needs of the intelligent and sustainable buildings of tomorrow. Cordeck’s mission is to consistently provide high-quality building products and services through world-class customer service, and to always conduct business with only the highest degree of ethics and standards.

*Walkerdeck is a registered trademark of The Wiremold Company.

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