There are many ways to wire a building, but only one cabling distribution system effectively addresses a certainty of every building ever constructed – change.

Changes in technology, ownership, occupancy, codes, and internal re-configurations are just some of the changes that necessitate re-wiring a building. This is precisely why Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems prove to be one of a building’s best investments, time and again, because when it comes time for change, no other method of cabling distribution adapts as easily and economically as Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems – The Future of Buildings™

Innovative Floor Solutions®: Adaptable cable distribution system for buildings of all types. 

Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are proven to be the most adaptable and economical cable distribution solutions available today.

From commercial offices, data centers, classrooms, libraries, and recreational centers with significant demand for flexible wiring options throughout the life of the building, to casinos and government facilities with elevated concerns for cabling security, occupant health, and fire safety.


Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems utilize enclosed steel raceways located within a concrete floor slab to distribute power, data, and telecom cabling throughout a space to any location where these services are required today – and where they may be required in the future. Cordeck offers UL-Listed In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems for both steel frame and slab-on-grade construction. UL classification designs are available for various hourly ratings. Learn more about the fundamental components and methodologies of In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems from the interactive, step-by-step demonstration below, or visit the Fundamental Components page for more detail and a brief history of the product.


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