Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in several categories. Contact Cordeck for more information at 1-877-857-6400.
No, the concrete over an unactivaed pre-set outlet box is thin and is easily broken using an ordinary claw hammer.
A Cordeck provided electronic preset outlet box locator (similar to a stud finder) is used to precisely identify the location of an unactivated preset outlet box. A template is also provided for marking the area of the floor covering to be removed.
Premium-priced plenum-rated cable (Teflon®-coated cabling) is only required for cabling located in plenum spaces where air handling occurs. In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are not air plenums.
Yes. We provide In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems and services worldwide.
Yes. Project management and engineering services are provided by Cordeck’s expert, in-house engineering and detailing services to assure optimal planning and design. Plus, CAD drawings and BIM modeling is provided for concise design-time collaboration.
Yes, of course. The foundation of a Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway System is structural steel decking, so it integrates seamlessly with building areas that do not have an in floor raceway system.
No. Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are integrated within the composite steel/concrete floor and do not reduce floor height or require increased building height as access floor systems do.
Perhaps in slab-on-grade renovations, but not for renovations of steel frame buildings. Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are installed as part of the core and shell build.
No. In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems have been used for decades in thousands of buildings throughout the world and is fully tested and UL approved. See “Explore A Brief History of Cabling Distribution in Buildings" on the Fundamental Components and Brief History page.

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