Why Use a Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway System?
In no particular order, here are some of the reasons architects, owners, and engineers choose Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems.

Superior Aesthetics

Maintains unobstructed sight lines in open floor plan designs. Eliminates the need for ceiling to floor power poles. Works with any floor covering – carpet, wood, tile, etc.

Least Disruption/Lowest Cost for New Activations

No core drilling means no noise, dust, water, heavy equipment – ever. Improves marketability of leased office space as electrical build-outs are far less expensive and easier than alternatives.

Fastest & Easiest Wire-Ups

Locate it. Wire it. Activate it. No ladders. No core drilling.

Best-in-Class Cabling Management

Cables perfectly organized – from closet, to trench header, to raceways, to outlets.

Low Initial Cost & Lowest Lifetime Cost

Structural steel decking is a given requirement. In Floor systems utilize this given. Eliminates expensive raised access floors, cable trays, core drilling and poke-through devices, and plenum-rated cable.

Enhanced Security

Data and telecom cables are tamper-resistant and encased within the structural steel framework. No cabling runs from the floor below.

Complete Adaptability

Reconfigure a space any time to serve new purposes, office churn, new tenants, etc.

Structural Integrity

No hollow feel and echoing sound of raised access floor. Eliminates need for poke-through core drilling through the floor slab which weakens the structural integrity of a floor.

Fire Safety

Highly flammable and toxic cabling is safely encased in concrete instead of within ceiling plenums. Burning cables produce highly lethal fumes including cyanide, chloride, carbon monoxide and dioxin.

Health Safety

Carcinogens found in cables include lead, cadmium, and others. As cables age these toxins can slough off cables, contributing to unhealthy air quality. With In Floor systems, cables are encased in steel and concrete, greatly reducing this concern.

RF Shielding

Cabling located inside steel raceways provides enhanced RF shielding (electromagnetic interference).


LEED (U.S. Green Building Council)
UL Listed and Certified to UL and CUL Standard 209 (Underwriter Laboratories)
ICC-ES (International Code Council - Evaluating Service)
SDI Membership (Steel Deck Institute)

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