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Acuity Insurance Calls on Cordeck: Multi-Phase headquarters expansion relies on In Floor Cellular Raceway System

With its newly expanded and renovated corporate headquarters in Sheboygan, WI, Acuity Insurance now enjoys a best-in-class facility. And with this facility come new demands and requirements for power and data that only Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway System can satisfy.

Acuity’s original headquarters building featured a cellular raceway system. Happy with its performance, the company made it a priority to continue to use the same system in the building’s expansion.

Kurt Lodl, Director of Facility Projects for Acuity says, “Our building expansion and renovation required a durable, high-quality, In Floor Cellular Raceway System that could be delivered on schedule. Cordeck’s system met all of these requirements, in addition to being easy to work with and easier to assemble than other products.”

The first phase of the expansion began in March 2015, the second in January 2016, and the project was completed in March 2017. Throughout the facility, every open office space is now outfitted with Cordeck’s N-R-G FLOR® In Floor Cellular Raceway System.

The N-R-G FLOR system provides a versatile solution for wire and cable management inside Acuity headquarters. Using a 5’x5’ cellular and preset module, the system offers wire and cable distribution to exact design specifications. As a complement, Cordeck’s expertise in project management provided a seamless path to system completion.

Construction Supply & Erection, Inc. (CSE) was the installer of the N-R-G FLOR deck, relying on Cordeck for design specifications and assistance throughout the project.

“Cordeck detailed the whole floor deck for us, including all of the dimensions and installation details,” says Adam Heinze, Project Manager for CSE. “In addition, Cordeck was readily available to ensure the installation was seamless and successful. From pre-planning to the final installation of the cellular raceway deck, the entire process went very smoothly.”

Once the N-R-G FLOR deck was installed and it was time to lay cables and wires, the system made the initial activation hassle-free, cost effective, and highly efficient. In fact, the project team saved significant time and money on the Acuity headquarters project.

“We reduced installation time for the trench header and pre-set inserts, which was beneficial to the overall project schedule and enabled us to save labor installation hours as compared to our project plan,” says John Kletti, Senior Project Manager for Pieper Electric, the installing electrical contractor on the project.

Cordeck also provided Pieper Electric with Activation Kits for power and data connections to Acuity’s modular furniture.

“The Cordeck system worked very well for us. It was a straightforward installation, just as indicated on the drawings provided,” adds Kletti.

The result is a flexible and supremely functional wire and cable management system that can be easily managed by occupants and building operations teams – ideal for spaces that require durability, adaptability, and aesthetics.

“Overall, we are very happy with the results, and would not hesitate to look Cordeck’s way again,” says Kurt Lodl.