Project Details


Cordeck’s Innovative Floor Solutions® was chosen to secure segments of the Erie Insurance Home Office expansion. Cordeck’s unique In Floor Cellular Raceway system, safeguards sensitive customer data as the cables are securely placed inside steel raceways that are encased within concrete floor slabs.  The floor slabs are bounded by the structural steel of the building, which ensures maximum security and peace of mind.

Maximum security isn’t the only reason why Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway System was chosen for the expansion. Our ecologically friendly cellular raceway system allows for unlimited flexibility, less interruption to accommodate the needs of future growth and building renovations, allowing for additional cost-efficiency in the future.

Architect: Albert Kahn Associates, Detroit, MI

Electrical Engineer: Keystone Electric, Erie, PA

General Contractor: P.J. Dick, Pittsburg, PA

Structural Engineer: Sippel Company, Ambridege, PA

Cordeck System: N-R-G-FLOR®