Project Details


Hub Group, a provider of transportation solutions, is relocating its headquarters to Oak Brook, Illinois.  The New 130,000 square foot building exemplifies commitment to sustainability by using Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway System.

Cordeck Results

Cordeck supplied the complete floor system on the 4-story building, which consisted of N-R-G-FLOR In Floor Cellular Raceway System, composite deck, roof deck and flashings.  The painted metal deck is used as a finished ceiling on each level, complimenting the exposed steel column and beam design.

Architect: Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz (SCB), Chicago, IL

Electrical Contractor: Connelly Electric, Addison, IL

General Contractor: Morgan/Harbour Construction, Bensenville, IL

Steel Fabricator: Midwestern Steel Fabricators, Bensenville, IL

Cordeck System: N-R-G FLOR®