Project Details


The Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home is a steel framed facility designed utilizing cellular deck for In Floor wire management. The system is fed from the ceiling above. We supplied a boot riser with extensions to exceed ceiling height. The riser is divided to maintain isolation of power and data and has removable cover plates for accessibility. There is a closure/cap at the top of the conduit feed.

Cordeck Results

Construction began in July 2007 on the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The $28.3 million project provides secure residential detention housing, education and treatment services. The new juvenile home replaced a pre-existing facility on the same site

“Installation of the decking for the Kalamazoo Juvenile Home was simple thanks to Cordeck’s detailed prints and labels. Thanks to Cordeck’s help, I look forward to using their product again.”

– Andy Butisma
Circuit Electric

Photos Courtesy of Byce & Associates, Inc.