Altoona, IA

Prairie Meadows Casino

The Prairie Meadows Casino used the N-R-G-FLOR system to accommodate all power and data fed from below, without closet risers.  This system utilizes a custom VA trench in the theater, which requires quick turnaround for different venues.

This casino expansion included a large two-story volume space designed to accommodate a total of 2,000 slot machines and 65 table games. All the spaces were complete with festive finishes intended to promote excitement for this entertainment venue.

Cordeck Results

“Customer service was above and beyond other suppliers associated with this project.  Cordeck was available to answer all questions and concerns. 

The Cordeck system gives the end user the flexibility to add or remove power and VD for gaming tables and slot machines, which happens very often especially with slot machines.

I have worked with cellular deck on many projects, mostly office building, this is the first time I have seen CFM air distribution in cell deck.  Like the power openings, the air distribution can be added or removed with very little work.

In summary, as an Electrical Contractor, the Cordeck system was a big part in our power distribution on the casino floor that went very well.”

-Ray Anderson
Baker Electric, Inc.

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