Chicago, IL

Blue Cross Blue Shield Corporate Headquarters

A year before construction began, Cordeck was involved with the structural engineer and electrical layout of the deck, trench and presets.  The span conditions and the design of the existing structure were issues addressed and resolved during the working drawing phase of the addition.

Cordeck Results

For this groundbreaking 25-story vertical addition project, Cordeck’s N-R-G-FLOR In Floor Cellular Raceway System was chosen for its flexibility, ease of use, and to match the existing system in the lower levels.  Building capacity was nearly doubled, adding 1 million square feet of office space.  Located in downtown Chicago, 4,000 employees continued business as usual in the floors below during the construction of the addition.

"I wanted to thank your company for making the Blue Cross Blue Shield project such a success. The overall commitment to the project was evident by the attention to detail, coordination and delivery schedule. Cordeck’s product quality and Becker Electrical Group’s experience with the electrified cellular deck system made this project installation proceed in a timely manner and thereby kept our customer very pleased with the installation."

-Frank Ruffolo      
Project Manager, Becker Electrical Group
Kenosha, WI

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