Monroe, LA

Century Link Technology Center of Excellence

Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway System was crucial for the flow of technology Century Link believed vital for their new center. The Century Link Technology Center of Excellence includes a technology research and development lab, a network operations center, and collaborative office and meeting spaces. In the center, employees with network, cloud, information technology, and other skills can work together to create innovative new products and services for Century Link’s customers. By incorporating Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway System, Century Link doesn’t have the traditional boundary issues other office buildings tend to run into. They have the potential to reconfigure their multi use spaces to accommodate any need that could arise.

For the new center, Century Link is pursuing LEED certification in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system, which recognizes buildings that reach a high level of environmental performance in classes such as water efficiency, energy use, materials and resources, innovation and design, indoor environmental quality and site sustainability.

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