Features & Advantages


Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are environmentally responsible. By fabricating to the exact building design we eliminate waste and reduce negative environmental impact. Innovative freight packaging conserves natural resources.

Strategic source and manufacturing locations accommodate LEED transportation requirements.

Specifying Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems contributes to the highest possible LEED credits for your project.



Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems are in place for the life of the building.  They are sustainable not only during construction, but once installation is complete, there is no need to add extra materials.

No maintenance required. The system is part of the structural steel framework and is covered in concrete below the finished floor. Choose Cordeck as part of your sustainable mission.


Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems provide the important benefit of a low life cycle cost.

Expenses required to install the system or modify the workplace environment are minimized. Cables are installed within the cells of the metal deck eliminating the added costs of plenum rated cables required by other systems. Economically, Cordeck is the best choice for your wire management system.

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Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems provide maximum secured protection. Encased within the structural steel framework, wire and cabling are tamper resistant and guarded against electromagnetic interference. Power and data wires can be accessed whenever and wherever they are needed without compromising an open space floor design. The triple service presets provide access to power, data and phone services from one location. Cordeck’s flush FloorPort activations exceed UL scrub water requirements and are available in a variety of styles and color options for any finished floor type.


Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems make electrical build-outs inexpensive, timely and clean.

Cabling and wiring can be promptly modified to meet future layout requirements. As part of green building and open space design, Cordeck’s system provides the benefits of a healthier environmental condition for occupants and increased worker productivity. To achieve lower operating costs and increased asset value on all future projects, specify Cordeck.