Cordeck is a family-friendly company that believes in treating all employees and customers the way they want to be treated – with courtesy and respect.

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Our Mission

To Provide Excellent Customer Service!

Our Vision

We will continue to do “Whatever It Takes” to lead the industry in service while establishing nationwide name recognition. Our dedication to clients, community, and employees will remain strong by building long-term relationships, finding solutions, and providing personal growth opportunities. Through continuous improvement programs and market analysis, we will seek and determine expansion opportunities throughout the country.

Our Culture

We are an organization that believes in and cares about our employees as a person, understanding the importance of treating each team member with courtesy and respect. We challenge our team to grow and develop their professional and personal goals to be the best version of themselves, while achieving their aspirations. We empower our employees to motivate each other, continually learn, and acknowledge the achievements of others. Through shared positivity, values, and ethics our employees challenge themselves
and each other to deliver excellent customer service that ensures our customers know that they are our most valuable asset!

We are Cordeck!

Our Core Values

• Have a positive attitude about yourself and Cordeck.
• Show employees that you care about them and the company.
• Treat people with the respect and courtesy that you would treat yourself.
• Come to work each day with the goal to make Cordeck a better place to work.
• Give great customer service to our customers and fellow team members.
• Create an environment at work that is receptive to others’ ideas and opinions.
Challenge employees to make themselves and Cordeck better.
• Work as a team, and to be supportive of the decisions made by Upper Management.
Opportunity for everyone is there, all you have to do is reach for it.
Achieve the goals that you have set for each given year.

Employee Testimonials

“I have been an employee of Cordeck for 10 years and in those 10 years I have come to really appreciate our company and our owner Ken Moore. He instills the go “above and beyond” in all aspects of the company from our daily work to our monthly, sometimes bi monthly lunches to our company parties. This attitude is number one with our customers also. As an employee at Cordeck you’re more than a just a body, you’re valued and respected. Safety is our number one goal on a daily basis. All policies are 100% supported by the owner and for anything to stick it has to start at the top.”

Sandy A.

“I’ve been with Cordeck since its inception, almost 25 years now! Started out learning to run every piece of machinery on the floor, making deliveries, and advanced into sales and upper management. Opportunities to advance came around every corner and I was always encouraged to grow along with the company. It’s always been a great place to work; fun people who knew how to get the job done when it needed to be done. And on top of being a great place to spend your working hours, there were always fun perks available throughout each year. Family outings to a ball game, pumpkin patch, summer picnics, as well as group charity events in the community. Just a quality company from top to bottom and Ken has always maintained a great balance of work, opportunity, and family values! Couldn’t imagine what the past 25 years would have been like had I chose a different path.”

Steve Z.

“My employment at Cordeck is just around two decades and has remained consistent throughout. This manufacturing employment has allowed me to pay a mortgage, brought me a 401(k) I had never previously seen at other employers, and provided me with a variety of incentives along with the highest pay rate of my life. The business has diversified and expanded since my start, and the product has become more complex.”

Tim K.

“I have only been at Cordeck for 11 months and in that short amount of time I have been welcomed and treated just like family. This is the best job I have ever had. From the knowledge of everyone here and the genuine care and courtesy everyone has here is amazing. I was hired as an office assistant and quickly learned more than just my duties as the assistant. I showed the will and eagerness to learn and it was taken seriously and was given more duties. Which I am very proud of. I have never been at a job that cares for every single employee and their future here as Cordeck has. From the owner down to the plant floor everyone is amazing. They really make it very possible for you to succeed if you really want it. The family unity of this company is beyond amazing. I wish I would have found this job years ago. I really look forward to many years here.”

Danielle S.


Established in 1994 in Kenosha, WI, Cordeck is a family-owned, full-service manufacturer of a wide variety of Corrugated Steel Deck and Accessories, In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems, Architectural Embeds and Laser Cutting.

To provide even faster, more convenient metal deck product delivery to its clients, Cordeck also operates metal deck manufacturing and distribution centers in the following locations.

  • Houston, TX
  • Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  • Memphis, TN
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Middlesex, NJ
  • Additional strategic locations are planned

Cordeck In Floor Cellular Raceway Solutions was established upon the company’s 2003 acquisition of N-R-G FLOR® and Walkerdeck®* In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems from Walker Systems, Inc. and subsequent acquisition of HH Robertson In Floor Cellular Raceway System from CENTRIA in 2015.

Cordeck remains committed to serving the aftermarket needs for owners and managers of these systems, and to advance In Floor Cellular Raceway technology to meet the needs of the intelligent and sustainable buildings of tomorrow. Cordeck’s mission is to consistently provide high-quality building products and services through world-class customer service, and to always conduct business with only the highest degree of ethics and standards.

*Walkerdeck is a registered trademark of The Wiremold Company.

Cordeck Utilizes the FISH! Philosophy