Detailing Service

This service is available for jobs in which we provide the material and for an additional fee.

Our Detailing Service provides you with installation drawings for your projects. These drawings typically include stud installation drawings, bundle placement plans and cut lists.We also provide Metal Deck Accessories (Pour Stops, End Closure, Side Closure, Ridge Cap, Flat Plate, etc.) which are also shown on the drawings, based on the project requirements.

Our Detailed Installation Drawings Can Enhance The Quality and Efficiency of Your Project; Saving You Time and Money!

Detailing Benefits

Increased Job Site Efficiency

Less Field Cutting

Less Job Site Waste

Ownership of the Drawings

Roof Deck Drawing Example

Cordecks Detailing Roof Deck Sample
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Floor Deck Drawing Example

Cordecks Detailing Floor Deck Sample

The entire staff at Cordeck is committed to the success of our clients which is why we are with you from project conception to completion!

To learn more about our Detailing Service contact a DEXPERT® today!


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