In Slab Wire and Cable Management: Your Project, Our System, Flexibility for the Future

Our system effectively integrates power and data management with the structural floor by distributing cabling throughout the space to any location where it’s needed.

Our system not only manages, organizes, and protects your power and data, it provides endless design possibilities.

In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems. Raised Access Floor Alternative


With our In Floor system, your power and data cables are protected within its own trench reducing the risk of damage or tampering.


Our In Floor system provides many benefits during the construction phase. We offer complete drawing assistance and will work with your team to ensure your vision is achieved. We also offer comprehensive bundle placement plans to ensure our system is sequenced properly with the job-site installation schedule.

Flexibility & Accessibility

With our system, we can customize the distance between each power and data activation points, making floor plan changes effortless. Simply locate an activation point, at finished floor level, remove a thin layer of concrete and install an activation plate!

Maintenance & Safety

Because our system merges with the structural slab, your floor is concrete and virtually maintenance free. While traditional raised access floors are tiles and pedestal heads, which can trap debris causing uneven floors and tripping hazards.

Additional Benefits

Flexible slab depth. Kick-off meeting at the job site. Easily accommodate floor plan and technology changes. Activation plates are available in different colors and designs to match your office aesthetic.

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