Design professionals are challenged with maintaining the open concept aesthetic, while providing access to power and data solutions.

Whether you are designing schools (K-12 and universities), casinos, office buildings, fitness centers, or libraries, Cordeck’s N-R-G-FLOR+ In-floor Cellular Raceway System is the solution you have been looking for.

Why Choose N-R-G-FLOR+?

1. Structural In-floor System
The N-R-G-FLOR+ system provides an integrated floor design for on grade and on steel applications to bring power and data throughout the building. This feature ensures sustainable design for the life of the building without compromising structural integrity.

2. Cost-Effective Installation and Remodeling
Cordeck’s raceway on steel eliminates the need for structural decking. Our in-floor system features UL listed presets that install with a snap-in-place feature, eliminating the need for screws or pop rivets and significantly reduces labor costs while providing future access to power and data. Cordeck’s in-floor system provides the lowest labor cost when remodeling, moving workstations and repurposing spaces because our presets are integrated into the concrete, ready for activation.

3. Advanced Wire Management
The Tapway Trench Header routes power and data cables from service panels to the cellular raceway. Available in various widths—full, intermittent, or bottomless—the header is internally divided for power and communication data cabling. Additionally, N-R-G-FLOR+ features the industry’s only Bend Radius Control from the tapway trench header to activation devices, ensuring optimum transmission performance for fiber optic and CAT-5/CAT-6 cables.

4. UL Compliance and Safety
All N-R-G-FLOR+ systems are UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards in accordance with electrical codes. Our systems also offer UL fire classification designs for various hourly ratings, ensuring the highest safety and compliance standards.

5. Secure Installation
Designed for use with either steel frame construction or slab on grade applications, N-R-G-FLOR+ integrates into the structural steel framework of a building and is covered in concrete below the finished floor. This ensures protection for wires and cables, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and can be secure for no public access.

6. Superior Connectivity
N-R-G-FLOR+ accepts industry-standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice data and audio applications at the point of use. The system offers a wide selection of data and bezel options, providing optimum life safety for the building and secure protection for wires and cables.

7. BIM Drawings to Installation
Cordeck’s project coordinators and engineering group collaborate with architects and engineers to provide detailed installation drawings, bundle placement plans, trench and preset layouts, and shear stud placement drawings. Our installation team offers job site training for subcontractors as needed.

8. Cost-Effective Installation
N-R-G-FLOR+ features UL listed presets that install with a snap-in-place feature, eliminating the need for screws or pop rivets and significantly reducing labor costs.

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Ideal Applications for N-R-G-FLOR+

Casinos: The system’s organized and secure wire management design makes it perfect for the high-traffic environment of casinos. Quick changes are a snap while game play continues throughout.

Call Centers: Ensure reliable and efficient data and power distribution in fast-paced call center environments.

Office Buildings: Integrate modern office design with the ability to quickly change workstation layout and repurpose spaces.

Airports: Our integrated structural power and data solution provides seamless access to add or move kiosks, workstations, and furniture, independently connected to the power closet. Say goodbye to to major disruptions during layout changes.

Educational Facilities: Power and data needs accessible where they are needed with future flexibility for reconfiguring classrooms and creating additional learning spaces.

Fitness Centers: On demand access to power throughout for quick machine changes to accommodate classes and new equipment on the fly.

Libraries: Support the technological needs of modern libraries with a system that ensures power and data access for maker spaces, new stack layouts, additional workstations, and study rooms.