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High-Quality Metal Deck Products
Excellent Customer Service | Competitive Prices
High-quality Metal Deck Products
Excellent Customer Service | Competitive Prices

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What Our Customers Say
What Our Customers Say

Cordeck Metal Deck

Whether you need a few pieces of metal deck to complete a job, or you’re constructing a new multi-story office building;

Cordeck delivers the metal deck you need, when and where you need it.


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Cordeck's B Roof Deck

Cordeck’s lines include Roof Deck, Floor Deck, and Form Deck. Our products are corrosion resistant, featuring galvanized, galvanized pre-painted, cold-rolled, pre-painted, structural-grade steels, with G90 or G60 zinc-galvanized coatings.

Valley Plate

Let Cordeck be your ONE-STOP SHOP for all your Metal Deck Accessory needs. Our complete inventory of steel flat stock, allows us to produce a wide variety of accessories you need to complete the job.

Cordeck Metal Deck Services

Our experienced engineers, project managers, and DEXPERTS® provide individual customer service  from project concept to completion.

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Metal Deck and In-Floor Resources

Click on the links below to find product brochures, products specs, load tables, UL documents, videos, and more.

Cordeck's In Floor System

In Floor Cellular Raceway System

Our Innovative In Floor Cellular Raceway System is an In-Slab Wire Management Solution. Delivering Data, Voice, and Power Cables Where You Need it.

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HH Robertson®

The HH Robertson® In Floor Cable Distribution Systems have been part of the Cordeck family of Innovative Floor Solutions® since 2015 and we remain committed to serving the aftermarket needs of this system.

Metal Deck

Metal Deck

In Floor Cellular
Raceway Systems

What Our Customers Say

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