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Side Laps are how two pieces of metal decking are "connected" to one another by using self-drilling screws, welds, button punches, or crimps.
Metal Deck Side Lap

Interlocking Side-Lap

Referred to as a button punch Side-Lap. The Interlocking Side-Lap has a horizontal return on the female lip and can be button punched, welded or screwed.

Alternative Metal Deck Side Lap

Interlocking Alternative Side-Lap

Also referred to as a button punch. The Alternative Side-Lap has no horizontal return on the female lip and can only be button punched.

Nestable Metal Deck Side Lap

Nestable Side-Lap

The Nestable Side-Lap contains a partial rib on one side which “nests” into the side edge of the adjacent steel deck pane. The Nestable Side-Lap can be welded or screwed.


There are many different components to the structure of steel decking.  Below you will find the industry terms for each component.
Metal Deck Profile
Basic Anatomy
Metal Deck Specs
The width, each piece of metal deck, will cover.  
Steel Deck Cover Width
The embossments are present to help the concrete adhere to the metal decking.