Bobcat Headquarters

In Floor Power and Wire Management System

Started in 1947, Bobcat Company has grown into North Dakota’s largest manufacturing company with independent dealers worldwide. With their continued growth, they plan to use the newly completed headquarters as a model for how all Bobcat facilities will function. The blending of Cordeck’s 3” Cellular Composite Deck with our N-R-G-FLOR+® Raceway System lead to the open concept and easy wire management on the second floor while providing an industrial feel without noise from the first floor. Individual workstations with sit/stand options, dual monitors, and docking stations are spaced throughout the facility, allowing team members to freely choose where to work at any given time of day – that’s the flexibility our system delivers! Photo credit: Shultz + Associates Architects Architect: Shultz + Associates, Fargo, ND Electrical Engineer: MBN Engineering, Fargo, ND General Contractor: Roers Construction, Fargo, ND Structural Engineer: Heyer Engineering, Fargo, ND Cordeck System: N-R-G-FLOR®