Deming High School Library Project Details

Architect: AKS Architects – Las Cruces, NM | Greer Stafford Architecture – Albuquerque, NM
General Contractor: Bradbury Stamm– Albuquerque, NM
Steel Fabricator: Alstate Steel Inc.– Albuquerque, NM
Electrical Engineer: Lynco Electric– Las Cruces, NM
Cordeck System: N-R-G-FLOR+® In Floor Cellular Raceway System

Deming High School is the only public high school in the county, educating over 1,300 students and with over 150 employees. The original building was built in 1955 and in great need of expansion.

Because of the economic value of the system, Cordeck’s In Floor Cellular Raceway System was chosen to be implemented in the new library built during the Deming High School expansion. The two-story steel frame construction merged the structural decking and the wire management system, speeding construction up and making it efficient and cost-effective.

The flexible cable management allows for seamless transitions for future renovations. Because of the ease of reconfiguration, most, if not all of the work is able to be done by the school’s facility management team. The enhanced point-of-use connectivity of the library gives more than 1,300 students and staff reliable access to the Internet, as well as an ample supply of power locations.

Deming High School Library