At Cordeck, we offer four popular types of metal roof deck: B deck, F deck, N deck, and A deck. These decks are available in a variety of gauges and widths to meet your specific project needs. We also provide N deck and B deck with acoustical perforations and appropriate sound absorption materials for noise attenuation, making them perfect for gymnasiums, auditoriums, and natatoriums.
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Types of Metal Roof Deck

B-Deck: B-Deck is one of the most economical types of metal deck available and is very easy to install. The ribs are 6 inches wide, and the legs can be interlocked to create side laps, ensuring a secure fit.

N-Deck: N-Deck is ideal for use in roofs or ceilings. Compared to B-Deck, N-Deck has greater depth, which is perfect for increasing the span without needing thicker materials.

A-Deck: A-Deck has a narrower design with rib spacing of 2-2.5 inches. While it is less durable, it is suitable for repair work where lower strength is acceptable.

F-Deck: F-Deck features ribs with slightly wider clearance than A-Deck. It is commonly used for repairing existing metal deck systems in older buildings but is not recommended as a replacement for B-Deck and N-Deck.

Cellular Roof Deck: A traditional corrugated roof deck with a flat piece of steel welded to the underside. This design increases spanning and loading capabilities while creating enclosed cellular raceways for utilities.

Form Deck: Our Metal Form Deck is ideal where a steel/concrete composite is not required.

Form Deck is perfect for floors, stairways, and more. Cordeck offers four popular Form Deck products, providing a wide variety of spanning and loading capabilities.

Composite Floor Deck: Metal deck used as a form to create a structural concrete slab. This type of deck includes embossments to help the concrete adhere, providing additional reinforcement and creating a strong, integrated floor system.

Cellular Composite Floor Deck: Is a traditional Composite Floor Deck with a flat sheet of steel welded to the underside. With the addition of the flat bottom plate, increased spanning and loading capabilities are achieved. As with traditional Composite Floor Deck, Cellular Composite Floor Deck creates a steel/concrete composite floor.

Glossary of Terms

Acoustical Deck: Metal deck panels with perforations backed by insulation to reduce sound, making them ideal for environments where noise reduction is important.

Button Punch: A tool used to connect interlocking side laps, ensuring a secure and stable installation.

Center to Center Span: The distance between the centerlines of the supporting structural members. This measurement is critical for ensuring proper support and load distribution.

For detailed specifications and additional information, visit our Metal Roof Deck page. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our Dexperts® are always ready to help. Give us a call today to discuss your project needs and explore how our metal decking solutions can benefit you.

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