Dex The Dexpert Arms Folded June 2021


“Dex” tackles two roles at Cordeck: Brand Ambassador and Metal Deck “Dexpert”.

Hello Everyone!
I’m excited I’ve joined the team! I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Metal Deck products with you and my fellow teammates. I’m equally excited to start my role as Brand Ambassador. Keep an eye out for me on Social Media!

~ Dex The Dexpert®

About Dex The Dexpert

With over 30 years of experience within the construction industry, he’s truly a Dexpert when it comes to Metal Deck Products. He embodies our Mission To Provide Excellent Customer Service and will do Whatever it Takes to ensure we continue to create strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors.


2021 Milwaukee Zoo Day

Milwaukee Zoo

Another perk of being part of the Cordeck team – Cordeck Sponsored Family Outings!

2021 Double Down for Diabetes

2021 Double Down Jdrf Flyer

Join us for fun night that 100% benefits JDRF!

Cordeck/White Sox 90’s Night

2021 Facebook Instagram White Sox Post2